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The Book Cellar and The Overflow will open 10am to 4pm, seven days a week over winter. We'll have our locally built Saxon wood heater blazing away at the Overflow so make sure you check out our new bookstore before popping down to The Book Cellar the home of Just Tassie Books.
Posted, Sunday, 7th May, 2017

We're pleased to announce the opening of The Overflow another bookshop in Campbell Town. As the names suggests it's an outlet for all the books that we can't squeeze into The Book Cellar which is also home to Just Tassie Books. The Overflow will stock mainly used titles at book fair prices so come and grab a bargain. The Overflow will be open 9am to 5pm Monday to Saturday. Also located in a great heritage setting - Campbell Town's old court house and serving coffee and light refreshments.
Posted, Friday, 24th February, 2017

The Book Cellar will be open 9am to 4.30pm every day over the holidays except Christmas Day itself when we'll be taking the day off. Online orders will be packed and posted daily although we can not guarantee any received from now will reach their destination before Christmas Day. We'd also like to wish all our customers a happy and safe festive season.
Posted, Saturday, 17th December, 2016

NEW RELEASE: The Abels, Volume 1  The Abels, Volume 1
The much anticipated revised edition of The Abels - Volume 1 is now available. Covering five sections making up the North-West, North and Highlands, it's a comprehensive guide to Tasmania's peaks over 1100 metres. Packed with useful information and stunning photographs it's the essential guide for all walkers and climbers wanting to bag Tasmania's most challenging peaks. The Abels in Tasmania's South West and West are covered in Volume 2.
Hardcover, 444 pages, $39.95
Posted, Wednesday, 23rd November, 2016
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NEW RELEASE: Locomotive Enginemen of Tasmania  Locomotive Enginemen of Tasmania
A new one for railway buffs - The Locomotive Enginemen of Tasmania captures the stories of the train drivers who worked the state's challenging "iron rails" from the pioneering days through to days when the rail network was an essential aspect of everyday life and crucial to the fortunes of the state.
Hardcover, 184 pages, $49.95
Posted, Tuesday, 2nd November, 2016
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NEW RELEASE: A Field Guide to Tasmanian Fungi Field Guide to Tasmanian Fungi
A revised and expanded edition of A Field Guide to Tasmanian Fungi has been released and is available for sale. More than 600 species of fungi that can be found in Tasmania are photographed and described.
Softcover, 248 pages, $39.95
Posted, Monday, 17th October, 2016
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NEW RELEASE: Celebrated Chairs Celebrated Chairs
The story of the Peddle Chair and how it's creators bought the tradition craft of Windsor-chair making to Tasmania creating what have become prized antiques. hardover, signed Limited Edition of just 500. Available Now.
Hardcover, 362 pages, $99.95
Posted, Tuesday, 30th August
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NEW RELEASE: Old Sea Dogs - Book 2 Old Sea Dogs - Book 2
More stories of the sea and the remarkable seamen who risk their lives in the southern sea around Tasmania from author and photographer Andrew Wilson.
Hardcover, 260 pages, $49.95
Posted, Monday, 22nd August
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NEW RELEASE: Honour Denied Honour Denied
The story of Tasmanian, Teddy Sheean, the ordinary seaman who should have been awarded a Victoria Cross for his action on board the sinking HMAS Armidale. Author, Dr Tom Lewis, examines Sheean's extraordinary act of valour and measures it against the heroic deeds of other Australian naval personnel.
Softcover, 347 pages, $34.95
Posted, Monday, 30th May
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NEW RELEASE: Tasmania's Bygone Years of Road Transport 1950 - 1965 Tasmania's Bygone Years of Road Transport 1950 - 1965
Tasmania's Bygone Years of Road Transport 1950 - 1965 is the fourth volume in the series covering the post war period of great change. Full of fascinating historical photographs taken around Tasmania, its a time capsule of road transport in a different era.
Softcover, 284 pages, $29.95
Posted, Friday, 27th May
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NEW RELEASE: The Truffle Cookbook The Truffle Cookbook
In his second cookbook, Rodney Dunn, founder of Tasmania's award winning Agrarian Kitchen celebrates the natural wonders of the truffle. Along with 60 recipes, Rodney gives a fascinating insight into the growing Australian truffle industry and practical advice on buying, storing and most importantly cooking with truffles.
Softcover, 162 pages, $59.95
Posted, Friday, 27th May
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NEW RELEASE: Convict Places Convict Places
More than 74 thousand convicts were transported to Van Diemen's Land thus greatly influencing the establishment of the small colony. Convict Places takes the reader to many of Tasmania's best known convict sites, and some of the lesser known, examining how they operated during the era of transportation and what the visitor will find left today.
Softcover, 176 pages, $19.95
Posted, Wednesday, 25th May
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NEW RELEASE: Garlic Feast Garlic Feast
Garlic Feast is a sumptuous celebration of garlic - its cultivation, its flavours and its importance in the kitchens of amateurs and professionals. Inspired by the Koonya Garlic Festival on Tasmania's Tasman Peninsula it is an unapologetic culinary celebration of the hardy bulb and its importance.
Softcover, 328 pages, $69.95
Posted, Wednesday, 25th May
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NEW RELEASE: No Turning Back No Turning Back
Lt. Colonel Frederick Chalmers C.M.G., D.S.O. led an extraordinary life, leaving the family farm in Tasmania to serve in the Boer War, rising to lead the 27th Battalion AIF in the First World War and then becoming a prisoner of the Japanese in the Second World War. This recounting of his story is drawn from official records as well as photos and letters held by his family and is aptly titled "No Turning Back".
Softcover, 161 pages, $25.00
Posted, Monday, 9th May
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NEW RELEASE: Duck Reach and Launceston's Electric Light Duck Reach and Launceston's Electric Light
The story of the oldest privately owned Hydro-electric power station in Australia, Duck Reach, which served the Launceston community for six decades and is still considered a major engineering feat for its day.
Softcover, 184 pages, $35.00
Posted, Friday, 6th May
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NEW RELEASE: The Killing at Risdon Cove The Killing at Risdon Cove
On May 3rd 1804 a massacre of aborigines occurred at newly settled Risdon Cove in Van Diemen's Land. In this account writer, W F Refshauge attempts to remove sentiment and the fanciful touches added to the story of the massacre and produce a more informed perspective of that day's unfortunate happenings.
Softcover, 154 pages, $34.95
Posted, Sunday 1st, May
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NEW RELEASE: The Savigny Bat Savigny Bat
Awarded to the student who scored the highest average runs on the cricket field each season, the Savigny Bat has been a sporting institution at the Launceston Grammar School since it was first awarded in 1923. Former winners include Test cricketers, David Boon, James Faulkner and George Bailey. The Savigny Bat is the story of cricket at Launceston Church Grammar School and the stories of the winners whose names have been engraved annually on the Savigny Bat for more than 90 years. Limited Edition, signed by the author.
Hardcover, 218 pages, $40.00
Posted, Tuesday 26th, April
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NEW RELEASE: the Mathematics Book the Mathematics Book
We have received a small shipment of advance copies of "the Mathematics Book - Anyone Can Do It! It's not your typical text - but the how to book that anyone who struggled with maths at school will wish they'd had at the time. It's written especially for people who have not found mathematics easyjand is unique in that it is a beautiful how to do it book blended into a lavishly illustrated coffee table book created specifically for those who have not found learning mathematics easy or appealing.
Illustrated with colour photos.
Hardcover, 250 pages, $60.00
Posted, Sunday 24th, April
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We'll be opening our doors at midday on Anzac Day in tribute to all Australia's service men and women. Closing at regular time of 4pm.
Posted, Saturday 23rd April,

NEW RELEASE: Hop Kilns of Tasmania Hop Kilns of Tasmania
A perfect mix of climate and soil has allowed hops to be grown in Tasmania since early colonial times... thus helping create a fascinating architectural legacy. Pen Tayler brings to life the history, importance and unique character of Tasmania's remaining hop kilns in this beautifully photographed book.
Illustrated with colour photos.
Hardcover, 176 pages, $60.00
Posted, Wednesday 13th, April
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NEW RELEASE: Not Just Jam Not Just Jam
The Fat Pig Farm's Matthew Evans ode to the recipes of the past for the surplus from the garden today. Not Just Jam provides more than 90 modern recipes for old fashioned preserving methods.
Illustrated with colour photos.
Hardcover, 207 pages, $35.00
Posted, Monday 11th, April
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EXTENDED TRADING HOURS: During Tamar Valley Writers Festival
We're opening our doors early and closing late during the Tamar Valley Writers Festival - so why not grab a coffee and check out our enormous range of Tasmanian titles, old and new on your way to Beaconsfield. Just Tassie Books will open at 8am and close at 6pm this Friday, Saturday and Sunday - perfect for those travelling from the south up the Midland Highway. We're right next to the Red Bridge at Campbell Town.
Posted, Thursday 17th, March

NEW RELEASE: A Kitchen in the Valley A-Kitchen-In-The-Valley
Best selling culinary author, Sally Wise, produces more than 100 recipes showcasing her no nonsense style of cooking produced in her own slice of farmhouse paradise in Tasmania's Derwent Valley.
Illustrated with colour photos.
Hardcover, 250 pages, $45.00
Posted, Sunday 14th, March
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NEW RELEASE: Lottah and the Anchor Lottah and the Anchor
The Anchor is the tin mine in Tasmania's remote north east that spawned the town of Lottah. This book explores in detail the history of the mine and how its fluctuating fortunes transferred to the fortunes of Lottah.
Illustrated with colour and B & W photos.
Hardcover, 265 pages, $59.95
Posted, Sunday 24th, January
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Posted, Tuesday 12th, January

NEW RELEASE: A History of Some Small Towns Around Launceston
A sketchbook featuring fourteen historic towns around Launceston that not only illustrates their historic charm, but tells the history of their story from creation, their days of glory through to modern times when their significance, if not their charm, has faded.
Illustrated with B & W photos.
Hardcover, 124 pages, $49.95
Posted, Wednesday 16th, December
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NEW RELEASE: Wonderstruck, Treasuring Tasmania's Caves & Karst
A history of the discovery, exploration, exploitation and conservation of Tasmania's caves and karst. Author Nic Haygarth takes readers on a thrilling journey candle lit journey into the depths of more than a dozen tourist caves, uncovering the myths and legends, the explorers, the adventurers along with the ecological battlegrounds.
Illustrated with Colour and B&W photos.
Hardcover, 312 pages, $49.95
Posted, Wednesday 2nd, December
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A few streets of Launceston suburb, Newstead, is the focus of this new title that examines the lives of World War One veterans who were part of the now little known War Service Homes Scheme. Who were the veterans who first lived in these homes, what were their hopes and challenges as they re-adjusted to life away from the horrors of war. Home from War tells the stories of post war life in times of great struggle and against the growing risk of a new world conflict. In stock now.
Illustrated with B&W photos.
Hardcover, 138 pages, $34.95
Posted, Wednesday 4th, November
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The Gourmet Farmer, Matthew Evans, showcases beautiful seasonal produce from his Fat Pig Farm in this collection of fresh and simple recipes to help bring the best of summer into your own kitchen.
Illustrated with colour photos.
Hardcover, 250 pages, $49.99
Posted, Wednesday 28th, October
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Corruption and Skullduggery tells the story of Edward Lord and Maria Riseley, from their unromantic first meeting through their marriage, their flourishing business ventures to their eventual position as the wealthiest and most important citizens in Van Diemen's Land. A fascinating slice of history from award winning author, Alison Alexander.
Illustrated with historical black & white photos and colour prints.
Softcover, 350 pages, $49.95
Posted, Monday 26th, October
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From its establishment as the High School of Hobart Town in the 1840s, Domain House has played an important role in the education of generations of Tasmanians. The site of the state's first university it has long been at the forefront of higher education. This book traces its origins, its decline and in recent times it's rejuvenation.
Illustrated with historical black & white photos and colour prints.
Softcover, 208 pages, $59.95
Posted, Friday 2nd October
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NEW RELEASE: WHITE LIES - The Retrial of Risdon Cove
This re-examination of the history of the failed first White settlement at Risdon Cove poses many thought provoking questions. The authors attempt to sort the myth from the documented facts of what went wrong and why Risdon Cove was abandonned less than one year after it was settled. Signed by authors.
Illustrated with historical black & white photos and colour prints.
Softcover, 262 pages, $25.00.
Posted, Friday 11th August
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NEW RELEASE: SOLOMON'S NOOSE - The True Story of Her Majesty's Hangman of Hobart
For more than forty years Solomon Blay served as the offical hangman of Hobart, sending more than 200 souls to an early death. This true account is more than just a fascinating tale of one former convicts life as an executioner, it's a journey from the dark reaches of Van Diemen's land as a convict dumping ground to the dawn of the 20th century when it struggled to leave its brutal past behind. Signed by author.
Illustrated with historical black & white photos and colour prints.
Softcover, 328 pages, $29.99.
Posted, Wednesday 26th August
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NEW RELEASE: MOUNTAIN MEN - Stories from the Tasmanian High Country
The latest offering from Simon Cubit and Nic Haygarth, Mountain Men, tells the remarkable stories of ten men who helped shape Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair National Park into what it is today. Gustav Weinforder - "The King of the Cradle", Paddy Hartnett - "Bushman and highland guide" and Basil Steers - "The last of the high country snarers" are among those featured in this compelling narrative of the European history of Tasmania's High Country.
Illustrated throughout with historical black & white photos.
Softcover, 322 pages, $49.95.
Posted, Wednesday 13th August
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Book Requests
We have thousands of new and used Tasmanian titles in stock at any one time and are always replenishing but if there's a Tasmanian title you want that we don't have, just let us know and we'll add you to our Wishlist. To go on the wishlist just phone us or email your request details and we'll get in contact when we next acquire a copy of your requested title and you'll be given the opportunity of purchasing before the title goes on the shelf for general sale. For most requests there is no obligation to purchase.
Posted, Sunday 28th June
Fonthill - A True Story of Love, Luck, Murder and Scandal NEW RELEASE ALERT
The not so straight forward history of Foothill - a historic Gothic inspired mansion in the Tasmanian Midlands that has been the home to three ambitious families, the Tabarts, the Burburys and the Harveys. Authored by well known Tasmanian journalist, Judy Tierney, it tells the story of Fonthill's triumphs and disasters during its 175 years. Illustrated throughout with historical black & white photos and contemporary colour photos.
Hardcover, 200 pages, $70.00.
Posted, Wednesday 12th May
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We're constantly buying as well as selling old Tassie titles many of which are highly sought after. Recent additions to our rare and collectible catalogue include a complete set of the six volume Endemic Flora of Tasmania, Troubled Asylum, Early Houses of Northern Tasmania - 2 Volume set, and Early Buildings of Southern Tasmania - 2 Volume set. Email or phone for further details.
Posted, Monday May 4th,
A Smile for Micky, NEW RELEASE ALERT
The true story of Tasmanian, Micky Hallam who died at the hands of his Japanese prison guards as told by his best mate Desmond Jackson who witnessed the beating that took Micky's life and later found a special way of remembering his friend. Beautifully illustrated by fellow POW, Jack Chalker, this the story behind one of the key events in Richard Flanagan's Booker Winner, The Narrow Road to the Deep North.
Softcover, 48 pages, $29.99.
Posted, Saturday April 18th,
Autumn Releases, NOW IN STOCK
The incredible story of an epic hitchhiking experience from Tasmania to London, a follow up to Tazzie the Turbo Chook, a biography of one of Tasmania's unassuming business heroes .... and some fascinating food/lifestyle books highlight our Autumn new releases at Just Tassie Books.
Posted, Wednesday April 15th,
The most comprehensive examination of architecture in Tasmania, A Far Microcosm, is a boxed four volume set running to just over two and a half thousand pages. Written by Launceston's Eric Ratcliff it covers the period from Western settlement in 1803 to 1914.
Boxed Limited Edition, 4 volumes, softcover 2,586 pages, $499.00.
Posted, Saturday March 28th,
Gourmet Farmer Goes Fishing, NEW RELEASE ALERT
The Gourmet Farmer, Matthew Evans, and his co-authors, Nick Haddow and Ross O'Meara have released a new cookbook aimed at deystifying the preapartion and cooking of seafood. It launches in conjuction with their new SBS TV series Gourmet Farmer Afloat.
Hardcover, 240 pages, $49.99.
Posted, Thursday February 19th,
Online Orders
Just Tassie Books ships daily Australia wide. Purchases completed before 4pm weekdays are shipped the same day. We combine postage where possible and pass on the savings to customers. We also ship to most overseas destinations. Email for a quotation.
Posted, Sunday January 18th,
Sail & Steam, Trading Vessels to Georges Bay 1833 - 1958 is now in stock at Just Tassie Books / The Book Cellar. The richly illustrated book explores the importance of the small trading vessels that plied their trade into Georges Bay on Tasmania's East Coast from earliest days of white settlement through to the end of the era of these sturdy boats.
Hardcover, signed, 224 pages, over 250 images, $50.00.
Posted, Monday Decenmber 8th,
Vanishing Towns, NEW RELEASE ALERT
Vanishing Towns - Tasmania's Ghost Towns and Settlements is now on available at Just Tassie Books / The Book Cellar. We have two versions available - a signed and mumbered limited edition for $100.00 and the general release hardback for $50.00. Cullenswood, Volunteer and Lyndhurst are just some of the not so well known towns that feature alongside better known ghost towns like Adamsfield, once the centre of an osmiridium mining boom.
Posted, Thursday November 27th,
New Just Tassie Books Website
Our new website is up and running. You can now keep up to date with the latest Tassie book news including new titles in stock on our news page which we'll be updating regularly.
Posted, Saturday November 15th,
Book Appraisals on Sunday mornings
Downsizing your book collection, making space for new purchases or clearing an estate? We're always on the lookout for Tasmanian books and we're now making it easier to sell your Tassie books. From this weekend we'll have a regular book appraisal and buying session on Sunday mornings when Michael will be available in The Book Cellar to appraise and purchase any Tasmanian books being offered for sale. The Sunday morning appraisal runs from 10am to Midday.
Posted, Thursday November 13th,
Very Good Beer and Ale - NEW RELEASE ALERT
Very Good Beer and Ale tells the story of Tasmania's commercial breweries and brewers from earliest Colonial times through to the Second World War. Brett Stubbs has scoured the historical records to detail the operations of dozens of small breweries that set up around the state. Perryman's of Mangalore, Kean's of Campbell Town and Hobart's Jolly Hatter are just a few of the mostly long forgotten breweries that are detailed along with the better known Boags and Cascade.
Softcover, 370 pages, $49.00
Posted, Saturday, November 13th,
Coffee at the Book Cellar
Need that hit of caffeine and only have time for the one stop on your way through Campbell Town? Well we're now serving flat whites, cappuccinos, hot chocolate and chai lattes in the Book Cellar.
Posted, Saturday, November 1st,

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