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Title Author Pub. Format Just Tassie Books'
The Book Cellar
A Drift of Derwent Ducks - Lives of the 200 female Irish convicts transported on the Australasia from Dublin to Hobart in 1849 (missing chapter 7 CD) - signed copy available Cowley, Trudy Mae 2005 sc $110.00  
A history with indexes of The Lone Hand, the Australian monthly - signed, numbered limited edition Taylor, Kit 1977 hb $345.00  
A Visitor's Guide to Port Arthur and the Convict Systems Lennox, Geoff 1996 sc $22.50  
A Voyage Towards the South Pole performed in the years 1822-24 containing an examination of the Antarctic Sea (1827) Weddell, James / Fuchs, Vivian 1970 hb $42.00  
Australian Aboriginal Languages - an introduction Blake, Barry J 1981 hb $18.50  
Australia's Fossil Plants - a handbook on prehistoric environments and vegetation throughout geological time White, Mary E 1988 hb $28.00  
Bruny D'Entrecasteaux and his encounter with Tasmanian Aborigines from Provence to Recherche Bay Johnson, Dianne 2012 sc $35.00  
Charles Browne Hardwicke - an early Tasmanian pioneer - signed, numbered Anderson, Stewart 1978 sc $32.00  
Common Grasses of Tasmania Lane, Peter / Morris, Dennis / Bridle, Kerry / Eyles, Alieta 2015 sc $32.00  
Down Windermere Way... East, Judy undated sc $18.50  
Dream Millions - New light on Lasseter's Lost Reef Blakeley, Fred / Mansfield, Mary (ed) 1972 hb $125.00  
Dwelling - making and living in your own space River 1977 sc $85.00  
Federation Builders in Launceston - Domestic architecture 1893-1914 Morris-Nunn, Miranda 1987 sc $18.50  
From Footy to Faith - More Elliott memories - signed Harnett, Ray W nd sc $14.50  
Give me a ship to sail Villiers, Alan 1958 hb $30.00  
Henry Hellyer's Observations - Journals of Life in the Tasmanian Bush 1826-27 Thomas, Bertram 2011 sc $69.95  
John Cameron 1806-1866 sesqui-centenary of his arrival in Van Diemen's Land Teniswood, John Cameron 1973 sc $22.50  
John Glover and His Books - exhibition leaflet Adkins, Keith / QVMAG 2007 sc $9.50  
Joseph Conrad and the barque Otago - notes prepared by Sir William Crowther for the handing over of the restored companionway superstructure to the officers' cuddy from that vessel State LIbrary of Tasmania 1975 sc $12.50  
Maps to accompany Handbook for Tasmania, Hobart 1949 - envelope of four Australian and New Zealand Association for the Advancement of Science 1949 loose $34.50  
Sheffield II - the continuing story of Sheffield Day, Eleanor 1994 sc $18.50  
Snow at North Down - 91 years from 1931 Thomas, Bertram "Snow" 2022 sc $39.95  
Special Forces Foreign Weapons Handbook Moyer, SGM Frank A 1983 hb $26.00  
Spring Bay 1860-1960 booklet Ministry for Tourism 1960 sc $12.50  
Tamar Valley Industrial Heritage - a survey Morris-Nunn, Miranda / Tassell, C.B. 1984 sc $15-$22.50  
Tasmanian Hospital Diet Manual Nurses' Registration Board / Shoobridge, M 1954 hb $28.00  
Tasmanian Music, an impasse? Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies Moyle, Alice M 1968 sc $12.50  
The Centenary of the Introduction of Surgical Anaesthesia to Australia - proceedings of a commemorative meeting British Medical Association (Tasmanian Branch) 1947 sc $9.50  
The Cocker Connection - Yorkshire, Van Diemen's Land, Melbourne, British Colombia, Mexico, Tonga & Michigan Dalby, Mark 1989 sc $36.00  
The Exiles of Peel Island - Moreton Bay, Queensland local history Ludlow, Peter 1991 sc $12.50  
The Prints of Stanley William Hayter - a complete catalogue Black & Moorhead 1992 hb $165.00  
The Queer Colony - Ikey, business is bad, we must have a fire - Harold John Solomon Solomon, Harold John / Andrewartha, John (ed) 2011 sc $29.50  
Transplantation - Jocelyn H.C.Thomas and Charlotte Partridge in Tasmania - a family bicentennial 1824-2024 Andrew, Portia 2024 sc $39.95