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Title Author Pub. Format Just Tassie Books'
The Book Cellar
A Drift of Derwent Ducks - Lives of the 200 female Irish convicts transported on the Australasia from Dublin to Hobart in 1849, (with chapter 7 CD) - signed copy available Cowley, Trudy Mae 2005 sc $125.00
A Field Guide to Aboriginal Rock Engravings Stanbury, Peter / Clegg, John 1996 sc $54.95
A History of Goldmining on the Tasmanian West Coast Julen, Hans 1981 sc $45.00
A History of Kangaroo Valley - Lenah Valley 1847- 1995 Wilks, Trevor Owen 1995 sc $28.00
A Million Pounds, A Million Acres - the pioneer settlement of the Australian Agricultural Company Bairstow, Damaris 2003 sc $45.00
A Walk in the Brainforest - Environmental poems and songs from northern Tasmania - children's works Lincoln, Kay / Penn, Bruce (editors) nd sc $14.50
Aboriginal Man in South and Central Australia Cotton, B.C. (ed) 1966 sc $19.50
Aficonado - a jazz memoir, signed Page, Geoff 2014 sc $18.50
Ahead Lies the Jungle Vaidya, Suresh 1958 hb $32.00
An Early Tasmanian Story with the Oakdens, Cowies, Parramores, Tullochs and Hoggs Bailey, Anne & Robin 2004 sc $95.00
An Introduction to the Deer of Australia with special reference to Victoria - signed Bentley, Arthur 1998 hb $145.00
Anaesthesia - Awakening the Sleeping Giant - celebration of William Russ Pugh's first anaesthetic in Launceston - numbered limited edition Richards, Paul A.C. / Ogen, Philip N 2006 sc $24.95
Another Fork in the Road - a Tasmanian migrant family memoir, including their time as caretakers of Waldheim, Cradle Mountain Saunders, Gordon & Joan 2020 sc $29.95
Australian Trout Anglers' Insects Griffiths, Fadg 1975 sc $16.50
Bass Strait Crossing - a Tasmanian shipping history Cox, G.W. 1986 hb $65.00
Bay Steamers and Coastal Ferries updated Loney, Jack 1988 sc $15.00
Bee-keeping in Tasmania revised Raphael, T.D / Cunningham, D.G 1968 sc $28.00
Beyond Capricorn - How Portuguese adventurers secretly discovered and mapped Australia and New Zealand 250 years before Captain Cook Trickett, Peter 2007 sc $32.00
Black Robinson Protector of Aborigines - signed Rae-Ellis, Vivienne 1988 hb $35.00
Blackberries & Sorrel - the mural and the story - the life & times of Laurie Mace Haberle, Mary 2000 sc $8.50
Brandon The Bushranger - Mark Brandon the Convict - The Bushranger of Van Diemen's Land Rowcroft, Charles 1910 hb $28.00
Cape Country Cookbook - a Bicentennial Production by Wynyard cooks, past and present Dixon, Glen (compiled) 1988 sc $16.50
Carvings from the Veldt - Rifle carvings from the Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902 - signed George, Dave C 2009 sc $115.00
Centenary of Angling Culture 1905 - 2005 - 100 years of angling on the North West Coast, Tasmania with the Ulverstone Anglers Club - water damaged Monson, Les 2006 sc $28.00
Changing Times - A History of the Southern Tasmania Licensed Anglers' Association 1912-2012 - signed Aitchison, Ray 2012 sc $28.00
Christmas at the Borrow-A-Bookshop - live your holiday dream running a bookshop in Devon, a novel Dunbar, Kiley 2022 sc $22.50
Cooking Around the Furneaux Islands with the author Audrey Holloway Holloway, Audrey 2019 sc $29.95
Craft Manual of North American Indian Footwear White, George M 1972 sc $12.50
Death or Liberty - Rebels and Radicals Transported to Australia - 1788-1868 Moore, Tony 2010 sc $32.00
Fallow Deer - their history, distribution and ecology Chapman, Donald & Norma 1975 hb $45.00
Fifty Years in Palestine - personal experiences / the case for the Arabs Newton, Frances E 1948 hb $85.00
Fly-Fisher in Tasmania - signed Scholes, David 1993 hb $85.00
Fly-Fishing Pictorial - copy signed by David Scholes available Scholes, David / Ritchie, Tony 1990 hb $95-$125
Francois Peron - an impetuous life - naturalist and voyager Duyker, Edward 2006 hb $55.00
From Government Paddocks to Bellerive Oval - a short appreciation of Hobart's cricket history - signed, numbered 146 of 250 Gandy, Michael 2007 sc $16.50
Glimpses of Graeme - Reflections on the work of Graeme Murphy Potter, Michelle 2022 sc $45.00
Going Down Another Lane - Franklin School of Wooden Boat Building Young, John 2020 sc $49.95
Great New Zealand Deer Heads Banwell, D Bruce 1986 hb $325.00
Great New Zealand Deer Heads volume III Banwell, D Bruce 1989 hb $295.00
Hobart Tennis Club - real tennis - booklet Hobart Tennis Club nd sc $7.50
Igloo Ripples - the story of a unique fibreglass cabin made for Antarctica and used all over the world Wallhead, Anthea 2022 sc $34.95
Impression Bay - convict probation station to civil quarantine station - being the story of the fever immigrant ship "Persian", along with her passengers quarantined at Impression Bay, Tasmans Peninsula in 1857 Lord, Richard 1992 sc $40.00
In Bobby's Footsteps - Battery Point History Walk booklet Battery Point Community Association nd sc $7.50
In Excellent Condition Throughout - Co-operative Motors 1913-2013 Evans, Caroline 2013 sc $95.00
In Their Words - Ghost stories from the staff and visitors at Port Arthur Historic Site Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority 2017 sc $16.50
Island to Island - a collection of articles and family stories to commemorate the Bicentenary of the arrival of settlers from Norfolk Island in Van Diemen's Land between November 1807 and October 1808 - Books 1 to 5 & Supplement Carlisle, Kate 2007 sc $69.95
IT - a novel Aulich, Chris 1977 sc $28.00
John Batman and the Aborigines Campbell, Alastair H 1987 sc $40.00
Joseph Lycett Convict Artist McPhee, John (ed) 2006 hb $125.00
Joseph Lyons - the people's Prime Minister - signed copy available Henderson, Anne 2011 hb $45.00
Julie Burgess - the story of a Bass Strait fishing ketch - signed copy available Binks, Chris 2012 sc $14.95-$19.95
King Island a time of change, an oral history Addison, Marylyn 1998 sc $26.50
Leatherwood Honey for Gall - a convict marries an immigrant girl Reddrop, Mary 2000 sc $22.50
Letters to Pituncarty Tasmania - colonial correspondence of Christian Taylor Buist including lettes from Ellinthorpe Hall - signed Bacon, Carol 2022 sc $39.95
Lifelong Pleasure - Seventy Years of Fly Fishing, with foreword by David Scholes Brookes, John 2004 sc $55.00
Lifelong Pleasure - Seventy Years of Fly Fishing, with foreword by David Scholes, numbered limited edition Brookes, John 2004 hb $245.00
Lost the Spring in my Step - Max Hardy's memoirs, signed Kay, Mary 2014 sc $65.00
Macquarie's Towns - The Heritage Council of New South Wales Jack, Ian 2010 hb $65.00
Mersey Valley Apple Cookery Book Mersey Valley Apple Festival Committee 1966 sc $28.00
My Stalking Memories - the golden age of deer stalking in New Zealand. Facsimile reproduction of the second enlarged edition of 1963 with the addition of a new foreword and notes by the author Wilson, Major R.A. 1978 hb $95.00
Natural Poultry-keeping Worthington, Jim 1974 sc $8.50
Nothing Bad Ever Happens Here Rose, Heather 2022 sc $32.99
Nymph Fishing in the Southern Hemisphere, facsimile edition Wigram, R.H. 1992 sc $165.00
Only in Tasmania Volume One Huett, Sandra 2013 sc $24.95
Pedder - The Story - The Paintings - signed Angus, Max 2008 hb $95.00
Pioneers of Burnie sesquicentenary publication 1827 - 1977 - signed copy available Pike, Richard 1977 sc $24-$32
Pioneers of the East Coast from 1642, Swansea - Bicheno von Stieglitz, Karl 1955 sc $36.00
Powdered water Penn, Bruce 2012 sc $12.50
Probation in Paradise - the story of convict probationers on Tasman's and Forestier's peninsulas, Van Diemen's Land, 1841-1857 Thompson, John 2007 sc $65.00
Quest for Authority in Eastern Australia 1835-1851 Roe, Michael 1965 hb $35.00
Ringarooma One Hundred Years 1888-1988 Bennett, Mrs Olive / Bennett, Mrs Patricia / Stingel, Mrs Helen / Wise, Mr Lionel 1988 sc $48.00
Roasts Omelettes Buns & Batters Icings Nibbles Sweets - Robins - North Launceston Football Club recipe book North Launceston Football Club members 1990s sc $16.50
Sea Gypsy Black, Lesley 1997 sc $32.00
Select Letters of James Grove Convict Port Phillip and the Derwent 1803-4, with bookplate of G & N Ingleton Earnshaw, John 1959 sc $24.00
Sinking Stations! Post-war Tasmanian life on a soldier settler block in the Central Highlands Nichols, Nigel 2022 sc $29.95
Snowleg - signed copy available Shakespeare, Nicholas 2005 sc $18.50-$22.99
Some Came Free - 1830-1892 a story of early colonial life at the limits of location, Roebuck Society Publication No.25 Hazell, E.G. 1978 hb $24.00
South of the Southern Land - exploration of colonial Tasmania interweaving poetry, historic images and prose Morrison, Randal 2022 hb $59.95
Studies on Glaciers preceded by the discourse of Neuchatel - ex-library Agassiz, Louis 1967 hb $95.00
Sun Music - Journeys and reflections from a composer's life - signed copy available Sculthorpe, Peter 1999 sc $18.50-$24
Surveillance of Iodine Deficiency Disorders in Tasmania 1949 to 1984 Gibson, Heather B 2006 sc $24.00
Tassie Cricket 96 Finlay, Ric / Smith, Rick 1996 sc $8.50
The Abels Volume Two Part A - a comprehensive guide to Tasmania's mountains over 1100 metres high, Volume 2 Part A covering sections 6 and 7 Wilkinson, Bill 2022 sc $49.99
The Abels Volume Two Part A - a comprehensive guide to Tasmania's mountains over 1100 metres high, Volume 2 Part A covering sections 6 and 7 - signed Wilkinson, Bill 2022 hb $79.99
The Adventures of Ronnie the Rook Harrison, Reginald 1940 hb $36.00
The Art of Apple Branding - Australian apple case labels and the industry since 1788 Cowles, Chris / Walker, David 2005 hb $125.00
The Australian Merino Massy, Charles 1990 hb $195.00
The Blockfields of Northeastern Tasmania - Ben Lomond and Mt Barrow Caine, N / ANU 1968 sc $48.00
The Britomart's Gold and other stories - signed Blyth, Stan 1990 sc $39.95
The Convict Ship
a narrative of the results of scriptural instruction and moral discipline on board the "Earl Grey" from the fourth English edition with a preface by the Rev James H Fowles, Rector of the Church of the Epiphany, Philadelphia
Browning, M.D., Colin Arrott 1855 hb $145.00
The Convict Ships 1787-1868 Bateson, Charles 2004 sc $48.00
The Convicts of the Eleanor - protest in rural England, new lives in Australia Kent, David / Townsend, Norma 2002 sc $32.00
The Early History of Tasmania Volumes 1&2 - Volume 1 the geographical era 1642-1804 - Volume 2 the penal settlement era, 1804-28, Collins, Sorell and Arthur Giblin, R. W. 1928 / 1939 hb $285.00
The Halfcastes of the Furneaux Group Tapp, Paul 2012 sc $44.95
The Hog Deer - Australian Deer Research Foundation Mayze, R.J. / Moore, G.I. 1990 hb $125.00
The Indomitable Miss Pink - a life in anthropology Marcus, Julie 2001 sc $36.00
The Keyline Plan Yeomans, P.A. 1954 hb $125.00
The Practical Fly Fisherman Cabalzar, Reg 1978 sc $36.00
The Real Food Companion - fully revised and updated Evans, Matthew 2022 hb $64.99
The Roof of Tasmania - a history of the Central Plateau Jetson, Tim 1989 sc POA
The Royal Autocar Club of Tasmania Official Yearbook 1929 Cox Kay (printers) 1929 hb $65-$115
The Samurai Sword Yumoto, John reprint hb $28.00
The Set of the Sails - The story of a Cape Horn seaman Villiers, Alan 1955 sc $12.50
The Shank Returns - a rutter for Tasmania's wild south west coast Johnston, Ian 2022 hb $65.00
The Thylacine - its history and sightings Gilroy, Rex and Heather 2017 sc $69.95
The Voyages of Abel Janszoon Tasman Sharp, Andrew 1968 hb $65.00
The Whale's Wake - an account of southwest Pacific whaling Morton, Harry 1982 hb $28.00
The Wreck of the sailing ship Netherby - a miracle of survival, King Island Charlwood, Don 2005 sc $16.95
Time for Kings and Heroes - the beginnings of folk-music revival in Tasmania, 1964-1972 Turnbull, Malcolm J 2015 sc $32.00
Trapped On Tasman Wise, J. 1971 hb $22.50
Trout! My Latest Theories - signed copy available Cabalzar, Reg 1984 sc $65-$75
Underneath the Hat 1937 - 1997 Northern Tasmanian Cricket Umpires Association Wilton, Mark 1997 sc $16.50
Undertow - a novel of one woman's quest for survival in the Tasmanian wilderness Bambrook, Kim 2022 sc $29.95
Unexplored - Tasmanian wilderness photographs Hawes, Martin 2022 hb $95.00
Voyage to Australia and the Pacific 1791-1793 - Bruny d'Entrecasteaux Duyker, Edward / Duyker, Maryse (ed, transl) 2006 sc $65.00
War Trophies from the First World War 1914-1918 - the story behind the memorial guns in Australian country towns Billett, Major R.S. 1999 hb $28.00
Wharfie - signed by Lesley Synge Stubbings, Wal / Synge, Lesley 2017 sc $32.00
William and Elizabeth Paterson - the edge of empire, signed Walsh, Brian 2018 sc $45.00